The Poorhouse: Aunt Winnie, Glenn Beck, And The Politics Of The New Deal

The Conservat­ives, Corporatio­ns and Con Men, will tell you that America is great IN SPITE our Social Programs like Social Security and Medicare, when history demonstrat­es America is great BECAUSE of the Social Safety net in place for those who are too old, infirm or cannot work through no fault of their own.

We have had less strife, better lives and less poverty simply because our government took a stand long ago and said:

" We will NOT allow our Elderly, the infirm or those that failed through no fault of their own to starve in the streets"

THAT knowledge allows people to aim very high, risk everything­, knowing that IF they fail, they have a chance of getting a helping hand when they need it most.

Is the system abused by some? Absolutely

Should we do more to root out fraud, abuse, ABSOLUTELY­.

But not even the most jaded conservati­ve, if they speak the truth, could argue that America would have been, or will be a BETTER NATION without Social Security or Medicare, or any program that helps those in need.

How could they?

All anyone need do is look at the countries that DO NOT help their citizens. (Somalia, Haiti, CHINA anyone?)

I challenge ANY conservati­ve to tell me WHICH NATION on this planet is better due to their LACK of Social programs that help those in need.

The day this country defaults on its obligation to help "The least among us", will be the day history will show America began its decline into the junk heap of once great nations, destroyed by the greed of its ruling classes.

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What really matters.....

The most important gift anyone can get, OR give, costs not a penny, yet a trillion dollars could never buy it.

Turn off the cell, switch off the games and TV, keep the car in the garage, and gather ALL of those who give your life meaning into a room.

Then tell them how much you love them, and how they are the greatest treasure you could ever hope for.

It is not what we own, or how much we can spend that defines the richness of our lives. It is in the smiles, and tears and the hopes, and yes even the fears, of those we love that defines our lives, and makes America the richest Nation on earth.

That is the treasure we need to share with the World.....

Peace, Love and Hope to all

America sells stuff to countries who will KILL us....

All Hail the Free Market in America
 Give thanks this holiday to the US Free market, which allows our corporations to sell to countries, who in turn kill our soldiers in the middle east, using our own TECH to do it.

What matters has never changed:
Who you know, what you own, and how big is the check you can write.
Our National color is GREEN, the color of money.

Those who OWN us, continue to CONTROL us, and they are getting BETTER at it.

5 ENTITIES control 95% of the Media in the country
9 Men control the HEDGE FUND MARKET, determinin­g what you pay for EVERYTHING you need to live.
6 Financial institutio­ns control 85% of ALL investment in this country.
2 Government ENTITIES control 90% of ALL residentia­l property.

ALL OF THIS IS BY DESIGN, You are given the illusion of choice, when in reality:
What you Read, See, Watch,
What you eat, How much it costs,
Where you work, Live and Play.
And whether you live OR die

Are all controlled bay an increasing­ly small group of men and business entities.


Welcome to the 21st century, or as I call it: